About Us

This Is Our Story

Here at Bassline Promotions we understand how hard it is to get your music heard. This struggle is the main motivation that helped bring our founding fathers together. They had a belief that all individuals should have a system in place that allowed them to promote their music with ease. For that reason, we use proven techniques that professional producers use in music promotion to help you grow, at fractions of the cost. This belief is the backbone at Bassline Promotions and is the reason we have so many happy clients.

Once starting Bassline Promotions the founders left their jobs in the music industry with over 10 years of experience on their back. They focused on Bassline Promotions full time for the next 4 years until we arrive at this point today. Now we have 14 employees working for us both full-time and part-time. We have had over a thousand happy customers and even more positive feedback. We have achieved all of this by using proven marketing. As well as using newer techniques such as social media which helped take our music promotion service into the future, as it allows us to reach tens of thousands more people.

Our Top Employees



Hey im a new recruit at Bassline Promotions bringing 8 years of experience in the industry from my previous jobs. I help with the marketing campaigns to help get your music heard.



I am the main developer for Bassline Promotions and deal with all things technical. Its my job to make your experience with us as easy and smooth as possible.



Hi, I’m in charge of the customer service side of Bassline Promotions. If you send of any questions or inquiries to our email address I will most likely be the person on the other end.



Hey i’m the head of marketing here at Bassline Promotions and its my job to create campaigns using social media and email lists to help your track reach as many people as possible.