Best Music Production Software for beginners

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Best Music Production Software for beginners

Music production software can enable creators to produce their own electronic music, musical composition, and digital recordings. The perfect tool for any independent artist who loves to create music. Although, the software can be quite tricky to use for anyone new to music production. Here some of the best music production software for beginners to get your creative juices flowing:

Ableton Live

We highly recommend Ableton Live for beginners with it’s easy to navigate interface and vast library of sample music for users to work with. Ableton Live features a standard multi-track recording that includes an infinite amount of audio and musical instrument digital interface (MIDI) tracks for songs. The software additionally includes an impressive built-in synth program that allows you to create deep sounds without a keyboard. Ableton may take some time to get used to but with practice, you will be able to master the software in no time. Ableton Live can cost between $99 to $750 depending on the selected package, a free trial is available for you to try out first.

FL Studio

We also recommend FL Studio for new creators who want to create professional sounding music. FL Studio provides a substantial selection of copyright-free audio samples that enable you to begin creating music instantly. This can be useful for anyone without an abundance of self-recorded audio. Not only that, the software gives users tools to find and mix the perfect sound just for you. Similarly to Ableton, the software may take some time getting used to, but practice makes perfect. FL Studio has been a respected music production software since its launch in 1998, meaning there is no shortage of online tutorials and lessons.FL Studio can be yours for the price of $190 – $200.

Apple Garageband

If you’re using a Mac, Apple Garageband may be the perfect software for you. Garageband offers a user-friendly interface with an adequate range of features, making it an effective music production software to be used by beginners. It may not be an advanced software to produce music, but it is a good place to teach you the way music is made and how software like this works. The software comes with presets for different sounds including the guitar and vocal recordings. Another bonus is that Apple Garageband comes free with the purchase of an Apple PC or laptop!

Here at Bassline Promotions, we hope you can use any of these softwares to kickstart your career as a musician. We look forward to hearing what creative songs you’ll produce!

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