Coronavirus – a blessing in disguise for independent Soundcloud and Spotify artists!

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Coronavirus – a blessing in disguise for independent Soundcloud and Spotify artists!

March 2020, not a great month for mankind. The worldwide COVID-19 is causing us to stock up on 100 rolls of toilet paper and batten down the hatches for the next few months. Not only that, public events are being cancelled everywhere! Summer plans of concerts and festivals are soon to be a pipe dream as the pandemic approaches full swing. It is truly not a great time to be a big music artist. However, a small independent growing artist on the other hand… it’s the best time.


Boredom sweeps the nation. Hours turn into days, days turn into weeks and even possible months, we search for hobbies to entertain us in this time. Music… music is the art form that keeps us going through the day, and with our busy lives we usually don’t have time to search for smaller independent artists. Like myself and other music lovers, we’ve used this abundance of time to get in touch with our most passionate hobby, to search on Spotify and soundcloud for artists who can get us through these bleak times. We have hours to fall down the musical rabbit hole of discovery. This is an essential time to make and promote your music to gain the largest possible audience. Bassline promotions can be that helping hand, offering services in Soundcloud promotion and Spotify promotion. We can give your music the attention it deserves. We can get your music out to the quarantined people of the world to help lift their spirits, they need YOU. With Bassline’s specialist marketing techniques and large email lists they’re able to deliver outstanding results.


At the end of 2019 Spotify had 271 million MAU (monthly active users) ,forecasted 289 million MAU for 2020, and soundcloud had 175 million. Now is the ideal time to get YOUR music out there to those millions of users who are currently stuck at home. With all this free time, get in touch with your musical self and create! What have we got to lose? It’s not like we have anywhere to be! We must stimulate our minds in this time of isolation and create music for the world. 

Although it is the perfect time to get your music out into these streaming sites, there is still a lot of competition within the market. Many artists are using the pandemic to create music from the safety of their own private domiciles. Large bands such as ColdPlay are even performing their own ‘miniature gigs’ live on social media to reach out to fans in this dire time. The Bassline Promotions Soundcloud and Spotify promotion services can land you up to 150k organic plays to give you that boost over other artists within the market. As the inevitable crisis prevails over society we must bond together with music, check out Bassline Promotions today for more information on how to promote your music and have your career as an artist prosper.

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