Independent Artists in the Music Scene

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Independent Artists in the Music Scene

A majority of the popular music scene is dominated by a small minority of large record labels. However, in recent years the industry has seen a rise in independent artists who have no ties to major labels. With a rather corrupt history of extortion within record labels, seeing a breakthrough of self-made musicians has been music to our ears. Here are some of our favourite independent artists that made success on their own terms:

Chance the Rapper – “I can do whatever I want” said Chance the Rapper, Chancellor Johnathan Bennett, when an interviewer asked him about how it is to be without a record label. Bennett found popularity on Soundcloud and has soared to fame since, even winning three Grammy Awards. Chance has turned down every record label request to continue pursuing his career as an independent artist.

MF Doom – MF Doom, the most well-known name from the underground hip-hop scene. Doom released some of his most famous albums, such as Mm.. Food, on a range of small independent record labels. The legendary rapper withholds his status of being a successful independent artist that doesn’t restrict to one record label.

Thundercat – The incredibly talented and versatile musician, Stephen Lee Bruner, made fame through his many collaborations. His notable collaborations include his producing in Flying Lotus and his appearance on the hit album To Pimp a Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar. Thundercat is now pursuing a solo career with several successful albums.

Frank Ocean – Originally being a ghostwriter and eventually creating music under the Def Jam record label, Frank Ocean became a highly significant musician in the industry. Eventually, Frank Ocean pushed for independence and broke from Def Jam records. Since then, Frank Ocean has proved himself to be a highly successful independent artist, even possessing several entrepreneurial qualities.

The surge of musicians creating and managing themselves independently has been great for the music industry. We hope success comes to all of you independent artists out there. At Bassline Promotions, we offer promotional support to any independent artists. We give that extra push to get you where you need to be. Bassline’s specialist marketing techniques and large email lists can deliver outstanding results and even land you up 150,000 organic plays. Furthermore, check out our blog on Independent artists and making the most of Spotify for useful tips.

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