Musicians We’ve Lost to COVID-19

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Musicians We’ve Lost to COVID-19

With over 800,000 deaths worldwide, COVID-19 has truly shook the world. Many artists and musicians have sadly passed away due to the virus. Here at Bassline Promotions, we dedicate this blog to remember some of the musicians that we’ve lost in this terrible year:

John Prine – John Prine lived his life as an American country folk singer-songwriter, having a very active career up until his death. The two-time Grammy-winning legend lost his life to COVID-19 at the age of 73 on the 7th of April. 

Dave Greenfield – Most famous for his involvement in the famous English rock band The Stranglers, Dave Greenfield proved himself as a legendary keyboardist up until his death. Greenfield was responsible for composing the band’s top hit, Golden Brown. Greenfield, unfortunately, died on the 3rd of May at the age of 71.

Cristina – Cristina Monet Zilkha, known simply as Cristina, was an American singer and writer during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Said to be “a pioneer in blending the artsiness and attitude of punk with the joyful energy of disco and pop”. Even influencing modern singers such as Madonna and Cyndi Lauper. Cristina tragically passed on the 31st of March at the age of 64.

Trini Lopez – Lopez was an American singer and songwriter, most famous for his song’s Lemon Tree, I’m Coming Home and the hit song that earned him a golden disc If I had a Hammer. Trini Lopez sadly lost his battle with the coronavirus at age 83 on the 11th of August. 

Fred the Godson – Frederick Thompson, known as Fred the Godson, was an American DJ and rap artist from The Bronx, New York. He was most notably a member of the 2011 XXL Freshman class, alongside Kendrick Lamar and Meek Mill. Frederick died at the young age of 35 on the 23rd of April. He fought fought COVID-19 for three weeks in hospital before passing. 

Alan Merrill – Alan Merill was famous for being an American vocalist, guitarist, songwriter, actor and model in the early 1970s. Alan Merill co-wrote the classic song I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll and was one of the first westerners to achieve pop star status in Japan. His Daughter publicly confirmed his death on the 29th of March, aged 69.

Wallace Roney – Wallace Roney was an American jazz trumpeter and composer. Starting from the age of 12, Wallace Roney had a successful career. Roney performed with musicians such as the great Miles Davis. The Grammy-winning jazz trumpeter passed away on the 31st of March at the age of 59.

Dulce Nunes – Dulce Pinto Bressane, known more commonly as Dulce Nunes, was a Brazilian actress and singer-songwriter of the genre MPB (Música Popular Brasileira). Regrettably, Dulce Nunes died in Rio de Janeiro, a week before her 91st birthday, from complications of COVID-19.

This list is only a fraction of the lives that we’ve lost this year. We hope that these musicians will rest in peace, for they will forever be remembered in our hearts. Our thoughts go out to those of you who have lost anyone to COVID-19 or have been affected by the virus in any way. Stay safe.

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