Why You Should Advertise All Of Your Music & Socials In One Place

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Why You Should Advertise All Of Your Music & Socials In One Place

When you are a new artist, a common pitfall I see many people make is to disregard proper promotion. It is easy to get caught up in your love for music and make track after track, and to expect to get an audience just from that. But the reality is: no matter how many great tracks you have, no matter how consistent you are, if you fail to promote then you will never find enough new people to start building an audience and fanbase. Its an ugly and somewhat sad reality I know, but it’s true. You must put as much effort into promotion as you do making new music to be able to succeed in this harsh industry that music is.

This brings me onto the title of this blog: Why You Should Advertise All Of Your Music & Socials In One Place!



Have you ever heard of the saying “the customer is king” in the retail industry? Well the same applies to the music industry as well. Your audience are your customers and if their experience with you isn’t up to the high standards that other artists set. Then no matter how good your music is: your audience retention is going to be terrible.

One way to give your fans an experience that will rival that of the big players in the music industry is a Smart-Link. The Smart-Link is a powerful organisational and promotional tool that enables to be able to share all your socials and music in one place. It features 5 buttons that are 100% customisable. You choose what socials to display and you choose what track or album of you to promote at the top, using the light weight intuitive Bassline Promotions music media player. The Smart-Link allows you to stand out from your completion while also giving your audience the tool to be able to save all your social links and listen to your latest music with the click of one link.

When it comes to giving you fans a great user experience: there is nothing like the Smart-Link.



Starting up in the music industry can be hard. You must work if you want to get the results you are looking for. You must be consistent making new music, you must be consistent promoting your brand, you must engage with your fans and you have to manage all of your social medias. That’s a lot for anybody to handle, that’s why big artists hire people to manage all of this for them. It not because they are lazy, it’s because they must focus on making quality music if they want to stay successful.

The Smart-Link is a great tool not only for your audience, but it also makes the life on an independent producer that much easier. Now you can promote all your social medias and your latest music in one place with no hassle. Just share one link and now your audience has all the information about you they need to know that your music and brand is something they want to invest their time and money into.

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“The true beauty of music is that it connects people. It carriers a message, and we, the musicians, are the messengers”.

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